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Duo Novalis at  “Contemporary music week ” –  Novara (Italy)
Teatri del suono / Music for piano four hands by György Kurtág, Aldo Clementi, Wolfgang Rihm, Bernd Richard Deutsch.
Duo Novalis / Stefania Amisano, Claudio Cristani, piano duo
Settimana della musica contemporanea – Novara (I)
22. 5. 2019 Conservatorio Statale di Musica “Guido Cantelli’, h 17

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New CD release / concrezioni sonore by Agostino Di Scipio

The studio recording of chpn.3.2 variazioni di sensibilità al sè, for 3 performers, feedback network with piano, self-sensing actuators and other devices by Agostino Di Scipio is now available on cd!

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The Stradivarius label has just released a new recording under the title concrezioni sonore with piano and live electronics works by Di Scipio performed by Ciro Longobardi and cantierezero (Stefania Amisano, Claudio Cristani – piano with electrodynamic actuators –  and Giorgio Klauer – electroacoustics and digital signal processing). Here some words about this fascinating  work that Agostino Di Scipio wrote for us in 2012 within the project “bodysnatchers/ultracorpi“. It was a amazing experience!

«This is a workshop for the exploration of electroacoustic devices designed and built by Giorgio Klauer, called self-sensing actuators. In the performance, these actuators are used by the two piani- sts to “inject” in the strings a number of selected recordings of Chopin piano music (chosen by the performers). The piano strings into which the injec- tion is made, are themselves selected according to any Chopin piano music fragment. The tiny resonances of the injection, are taken up in a larger electroacoustic chain, with microphones and speakers positioned just next to the piano or insi- de, whose sound loops back into the strings via the actuators. A complex system is accordingly established, which develops in a process of growth and failure. Some extra noise is inevitably added into the process due to the bodily contacts of performers against the piano wooden structure, as the latter handle the actuators to inject Chopin in the strings. The whole performance is framed into three sections, with two interleaving bridges. Written for (and with) the friends of cantierezero, in the days of Chopin’s 200th birthday celebrations».

Teatri del suono, voci nella distanza /
Trieste Prima International Contemporary Music Festival

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Wonderful concert and wonderful audience! We are very happy! Special thanks to Giorgio Klauer that has made not only a perfect sound projection – of course – but also a beautiful setup. (Photo by Annalisa Metus)

Teatri del suono, voci nella distanza /
the new project by duo novalis start on december  2017

“Teatri del suono, voci nella distanza“ / The brand new, amazing contemporary music program for piano duo (with electronics) by duo novalis, with works by Aldo Clementi, György Kurtág, Wolfgang Rihm, Bernd Richard Deutsch, Wei-Chieh Lin (EU premiere) and Gerhard E. Winkler (Black Mirror II – HerzStück, new version for piano duo and CD, word premiere) .
Duo Novalis / Stefania Amisano, Claudio Cristani, piano duo

Giorgio Klauer, sound projection
1. 12. 2017 Trieste Prima Contemporary Music Festival, Trieste (I)
Auditorium Museo Revoltella,  h 18

duo novalis in Vienna / may 2017

Komponistenporträt Bernd Richard Deutsch / 
Vienna (A), Palais Mollard.
 Every year, the Department of Music and the Institute for Austrian Music Documentation organise a series of concerts focusing on contemporary Austrian music. The evenings feature a distinctive combination of music, presentation and conversation. In the elegant “Salon Hoboken” at the Palais Mollard, there is an intimate salon atmosphere which makes these established and highly regarded “music salons” very special events. 
Bernd Richard Deutsch’s chamber music at Musiksalon. 
With: Duo Novalis (Stefania Amisano und Claudio Cristani; Klavier), Robert Gillinger (Fagott und Kontraforte), Ryo Yoshimura (Fagott), Marianna Oczkowska (Violine), Tomasz Skweres (Violoncello), Frederik Neyrinck (Klavier) – 17.05.2017

duo novalis on air… / december 2016

Horizonte / BR – Klassik: Wie heutige Komponisten das Klavier mit Live-Elektronik erobern, von Julia Schölzel. Broadcast of Bavarian Radio dedicated to new music for piano and electronics with excerpts from “Black Mirror II (HerzStück) for piano 4 hands and live electronics by Gerhard E. Winkler played by Duo Novalis / Stefania Amisano, Claudio Cristani, piano duo. /
(photo by Lara Ušić)